MCI Consultants expands service offering to include Artificial Intelligence

MCI Consultants today announced the expansion of its service offering to include their artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions.

“MCI has been involved in business performance management, systems integration, systems customization, project and product management for over twenty years with the intent of creating better businesses.  We believe the move into artificial intelligence and machine learning is aligned with this intent and complements our offerings which will naturally greatly enhance our clients’ businesses.” commented Hyram Serretta, business partner at MCI Consultants.

“To create better businesses, we advocate using machine learning and AI systems alongside humans for enhanced collective intelligence, employee engagement and competitive advantage, leading to increased revenue and/or reduced costs.”

Integrating machine learning with your overall business strategy, finding the right adoption approach and using it pervasively to complement existing business functions like marketing, product development, sales and advertising, will drive step changes in the quality of product innovation, assortment and differentiation, including customer engagement content by learning from experience. Doing this will boost revenue whilst driving efficiencies and cost reduction through learning from and predicting invaluable insights like customer and employee churn behavior. We help companies find and apply the patterns in their data, enhancing their collective intelligence and decision making processes.

For more information, please contact Hyram Serretta ,MCI tel: 011 454 3420.