MCI’s Solution related to ITAC

Integrated Trading and Clearing (ITAC)

“ITaC” is the abbreviation used for the JSE’s Integrated Trading and Clearing initiative. The ITaC project is a multi‐year programme of work focused on the introduction of an integrated solution for the JSE’s trading and clearing services.

The objective of the project is to implement world‐class, multi‐product solutions to enhance the JSE’s current trading and clearing functions.

MCI will provide the following solutions for ITAC

  • RTC Populators;
  • RTC EMAPI Feeders;
  • EMAPI API which will facilitate:
    • Client management
    • Setting risk limits
    • Deal management
    • Commission management and aggregation

Benefits of partnering with MCI include:

• Fix interfaces;
• Full API;
• Hosted or host to host solution;
• Pre and post trade risk management;
• Customisation;
• Localised development;
• Clients have access to the SQL environments for downstream system integration.