CommCIS is a comprehensive web-based insurance broker commission management system that provides income protection for brokerages, agencies and individual agents.


  • Web-based system allowing access anywhere, anytime;
  • Agents can view their earnings on-line;
  • Allows flat, level, annualized, graded or compounding products;
  • Manage policies and commissions in real time;
  • Provides a complete audit trail;
  • Supports any commission calculation;
  • Commission splits can be set up by transaction type or by supplier, product and branch;
  • Expiry dates can be set on commission splits;
  • Commissions can be held in a reserve account with limits;
  • Reconciliation of commissions against institution statements;
  • Track past and future commissions;
  • Generate reports for expected, received and past due commissions by agents, clients, institution and product;
  • Has full drill-down capability;
  • Security ensuring that Financial Advisors only have access to their own reports;
  • Variance reports are available between expected and received commissions.


  • CommCIS keeps track of all documentation required by compliance regulations;
  • It has workflow capabilities which cater for any approval process for all products and institutions;
  • It allows management of policies and commissions in real time;
  • CommCIS can integrate with back office accounting systems e.g. Sage 300;
  • Optimizes financial management and analytics;
  • Empowers users to quickly and easily access operational and financial information;
  • Effortlessly create real-time, automated and preformatted reports with up-to-date, accurate information;

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