Service Level Agreement



Helpdesk details are as follows:


Support Days

Monday to Friday

Support Hours

08h30 to 17h00

Helpdesk Number

011 454-3420

Helpdesk Email Addresses

Direct Hire:



The following information must be provided by the Client for all calls logged:

  • Name of person logging the call.
  • Date and time of call being logged.
  • Client reference number.
  • Name of person experiencing the problem and contact details.
  • System relating to the problem.
  • Severity level.
  • Description of the problem and what function was performed at the time.
  • Error messages.



On receipt of the incident, MCI will review the incident and confirm the priority of the incident according to the priority matrix below and will respond accordingly:




Priority 1

Critical Impact to a production system

1 Hour

Priority 2

Critical Impact to a development system

5 Hours

Priority 3

Major Impact to production or development

6 Hours

Priority 4

Moderate Impact to production or development

24 Hours

Priority 5

Request for advice or product enhancement

48 Hours



On receipt of a call from the Client, MCI will assess the nature of the call and will respond appropriately, either by way of telephone and/or on-site assistance.

  • MCI will ensure that a reference number is provided for each call logged.
  • MCI will identify the incident and search to see if a solution already exists for that particular incident. If the solution exists, MCI will implement the solution expeditiously. If a solution does not exist, and the incident has been or is capable of being repeated, create a solution for that incident.
  • If the incident can only be resolved through a change to code, MCI must complete a Change Request estimating the work required and cost involved to make the change code.
  • MCI will inform the Client of all call severities reported.
  • MCI will notify the Client immediately on becoming aware if the call logging system is not available or its function is diminished in any way and when the call logging system is functioning properly again.
  • The Client must provide all information required for MCI to resolve an incident and to diagnose any problem.
  • MCI will update the person who logged the call on the status and progress of all calls logged at least every 24 hours until the call is resolved.
  • When an incident has been resolved, the incident must be updated by MCI by email to the Client as resolved and include the date, time and person who resolved the incident.
  • The Client may reject the ‘solved status’ of the call logged within 24 hours of receipt of the email notification from MCI indicating that the incident has been resolved, failing which the incident will automatically be closed as resolved.
  • If an incident re-occurs with the same person who logged the call, a new call will need to be logged.
  • MCI will confirm with the Client and/or the relevant person who logged the call that the incident has been resolved and can be closed.


  • MCI will provide the Client with a report on a monthly basis regarding all outstanding problems by email.
  • MCI will provide the Client with a monthly report in respect of all calls logged for the previous month.



Should the MCI service described above not operate to the Client’s satisfaction, the Client may report this in writing to one of the directors of MCI for resolution.

  • Any report so received will be actioned within 3 (three) days of receipt of same.
  • Reports can be e-mailed to the Directors: Aliki Droussiotis or Steven Bernard