IBM Planning Analytics TM1

Business performance management software designed to implement collaborative planning, budgeting and forecasting solutions, interactive “what-if” analyses, as well as analytical and reporting applications.

TM1 Data is stored in in-memory multidimensional OLAP cubes, generally at the “leaf” level, and consolidated on demand. In addition to data, cubes can include encoded rules which define any on-demand calculations.

By design, computations (typically aggregation along dimensional hierarchies using weighted summation) on the data are performed in near real-time, without the need to precalculate, due to a highly performant database design and calculation engine. These properties also allow the data to be updated frequently and by multiple users.

The IBM Planning Analytics platform, in addition to the TM1 database server, includes an ETL tool, server management and monitoring tools and a number of user front ends including MS Excel, which provide capabilities designed for common business planning and budgeting requirements, including workflow, adjustments, commentary, etc.

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