Remuneration Planner

Determining and providing suitable remuneration for each employee is critical to being able to reward and retain top talent. Many organisations struggle to retain their high-potential and star employees as the remuneration planning process has become a time-consuming and costly burden, lacking in focus on key individuals.

MCi’s Remuneration Planner has been built on the IBM Planning Analytics TM1 platform and provides an alternative to having countless MS Excel spreadsheets being sent back and forth within an organisation. Instead, remuneration data is captured to one central model. Sensitive information is kept secure through access-controlled workflow and a full audit trail, allowing managers to make informed decisions to reward and retain their top talent, is available.

MCi’s Remuneration Planner provides: 

  • Centrally managed guidelines ensuring that strategic remuneration objectives are adhered to. 
  • Managers at all levels of the organisation are empowered to recognise, reward and motivate their team through individual attention and focus. 
  • Validation against peers and salary survey data ensuring top talent retention and reducing regrettable staff turnover. 
  • A real-time view of the new salary bill, bonus pool, exceptions and the impact of effecting changes in guidelines. 

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