MCi’s PortCIS

Portfolio Management System

Managing and growing the assets of their institutional and retail customers has become a challenging business for asset managers and brokers globally.

In order to meet the growing demands of their customers and to cope with increasing market and regulatory complexity, asset managers are becoming more specialized in the front office and are optimizing their operations around costs and accuracy.

MCI has developed a sophisticated set of tools that supports the administrative functionality of the current JSE accounting system. PortCIS is a portfolio management system which has been developed to assist portfolio managers with the management of their accounts.

Key Features

  • Access to detailed client information
  • Powerful search capability
  • Powerful customisable fee calculation methods
  • Performance calculations and metrics
  • Portfolio and user queries and data mining
  • Asset allocation and portfolio modelling
  • Order generation and order routing
  • Accommodates intermediaries
  • Income sharing on fees and brokerage
  • Income tax statements

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