Software Development

MCi has the required depth of skills, technical ability, and experience to deliver custom developed software solutions for our clients.

With our custom software development services, we empower our clients to discover their digital advantage. We mesh the perfect combination of artistry, engineering, and people to adopt a user-centric, rapid delivery, and low-risk approach to solution development.

Made up of a dynamic and passionate team of tech enthusiasts with elite software development expertise, we continuously strive to deliver the very best software solutions, innovating with the latest technologies and cloud software to suit each clients’ unique business needs.

MCi is an experienced Microsoft Partner (“MSP”) providing custom development services. We have a dynamic and passionate team of certified MSP developers including C#, Visual Basic, Java, Asp.Net, Office 365, and Power BI.

We typically follow an agile, API-first approach to building cloud-native, interconnected ecosystems from design, through quality assurance, to continuous deployment.

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