Direct Hire eRecruitment Software

Sourcing and hiring top talent in a fast, efficient and compliant manner is crucial to any organisation.

MCi’s Direct Hire is a powerful and versatile web-based application specifically designed and developed by MCi to automate the complete recruitment lifecycle, improve efficiencies and reduce recruitment costs.

It offers seamless online interfaces to deliver Sophisticated Workflow and accessibility for all stakeholders involved in the resourcing and HR processes, and also includes Video Interviewing Software which facilitates online interviews, and a Risk Assessment Module providing the ability to conduct cost effective Risk Assessment and Verification Checks on prospective candidates. The Risk Assessment and Verification Checks form part of the Direct Hire system workflow.

Direct Hire has been designed to automate rather than replace important HR processes. It reduces paperwork and improves efficiencies which frees HR staff to concentrate on strategic development rather than administrative tasks. Savings in time and improved productivity are balanced with the simplicity and user friendliness of Direct Hire.

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Client Testimonials

“Direct Hire is easy to navigate and simple to use. They have excellent support services, they always deliver on their promises and the value add of the reporting module is terrific!"
Ashleigh Button
HR Manager
“Direct Hire has changed my love/hate relationship with recruitment administration to absolute love!"
Arista Swanepoel
HR Officer
“The support team at Direct Hire are very quick to assist when we require support and are willing to go the extra mile. Samancor Chrome will recommend Direct Hire any day!”
Leandra van der Merwe
Human Capital Manager

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