Cloud Hosting

As organisations globally strive to be as dynamic as possible, their infrastructure is in the spotlight as the demands of a remote workforce insist systems and infrastructure setups are simple, scalable and cost effective.

We can host a company’s business software in our hosted environments and can also assist companies with data migration.

Hosting of Business Software Applications

Hosting your business software applications such as your ERP systems or any other third-party software in MCi’s hosted environment makes sense whichever way you look at it!  You no longer have to purchase your own server and attempt to support all of your IT needs on your own.

Our hosting services include:

Virtual Machines

Shared Firewalls

Windows Server Licensing

Managed Services and Operating Systems Monitoring


The benefits of using MCI’s hosting services, include:

  • No need for your own internal IT support and IT infrastructure.
  • No software to install on computers and workstations.
  • Although most software providers are offering Software as a Service (SAAS) options, we can migrate your existing business software licenses to the virtual server.
  • No worrying about updates, upgrades, and backups, as these are done for you.
  • Reduces risk of data loss.
  • Provides remote access to all your users whether they choose to work from home or the from office.
  • Reduces your IT Support Costs.
  • Your users connect directly to your virtual server over the internet, log in through a secure connection, and have immediate access to your applications, files, and data.

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