MCi’s BankAlytic Framework has been built on the IBM Planning Analytics TM1 and is a best practice framework for key performance management in banking and is configurable to meet a bank’s changing requirements.

Features include:

  • Reporting: BankAlytic reporting is delivered through web or MS Excel and provides multiple views and versions, financial reporting, central bank reporting, management reporting (including automated cost allocations and automated ratio and KPI calculations), consolidations, slice and dice analysis with zero latency, and drill-down and drill-through to underlying data.


  • Planning: The planning module facilitates collaborative budgeting and forecasting with the capability to perform complex automated calculations and allocations such as driver-based budgeting models, internal cost allocations, funds transfer pricing, economic capital calculation, and allocation and risk weighted asset modelling.


  • Performance: The performance module allows analyses of performance across multiple dimensions including customer, channel and product. Performance can be assessed against plans, benchmarks and peer average. What-if analyses can be performed to test sensitivity to changing inputs.


  • Performance Scorecards: The BankAlytic Performance Scorecards are based on the Kaplan and Norton Balanced Scorecard Model and provide strategic indicators linked through the entire organisation to operational drivers and performance dashboards at multiple levels in the organisational hierarchy.

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