MCi’s Low Latency Trading System for improved trade efficiencies

Constantly rising volumes, around-the-clock trading, tighter regulation, emerging markets and fragmented liquidity are challenging the capital markets industry every day. Wherever you operate, you need to capture the best new business opportunities in order to maintain your competitive advantage.

With a singular trading application, stockbrokers and their clients across the spectrum can now use the same trading software as used by professional portfolio managers and proprietary trading houses. MCI’s TradeCIS clients have the ability to choose Host to Host solutions as well as Shared Infrastructure solutions using the same product.

TradeCIS has been enhanced and now offers the same trading to Portfolio Managers, Private Clients, Decicated User Proprietary Traders, Remote Access Proprietary Traders and Web Traders.

Key Features

  • Live Portfolio updates
  • E-mailing clients / E-SMS
  • Intraday Client PnL
  • Client dividend and corporate action information
  • International data feeds
  • Full Client Information
  • Ability to add Client notes
  • Client limited to only view his own information or Branch/Partner access limitation if required
  • Quicktrade features
  • Optimised messaging layers for reduced bandwidth requirement
  • Full API to enable basket, algorithmic and warrant trading with own rules
  • DDE links for MS Excel
  • Technical charting

Solutions Using

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