MCi’s TradeCIS Trading Platform provides access to the JSE Equities and Equity Derivative Markets and is the leader in the Proprietary Trading Market facilitating the fastest, most efficient means of placing orders on the JSE’s Central Order Book. 

TradeCIS provides: 

  • A single platform for Stockbrokers and their Clients across the spectrum, Portfolio Managers, Private Client Trading Desks, Proprietary Traders and DMA Clients
  • Pro Desktop Application
  • Real-Time Risk Management
  • Buy and Sell-Side FIX Integration
  • Execution and Strategy Order Types including At-Best, Iceberg, Sniper, Manual Release, Minimum Fill and a lot more
  • Provision of market data in multiple formats and delivery mechanisms including industry standard FIX, FIXML and JSON FIXML
  • Integration to Excel and other applications through our API’s

MCi is also an accredited JSE Shared Infrastructure Provider (SIP) and can offer our Trading Platform as a: 

  • Software-as-a-Service which provides a fully managed trading platform with no need to invest in server hardware
  • Infrastructure as a Service with your own dedicated server hardware utilizing shared network infrastructure
  • Customizable installation of TradeCIS
  • JSE Co-Location Hosting
  • Hosted trading platform that can be hosted On Premise or in your own Data Centre

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