Web-Based Trading Platform

NetCIS is an efficient web-based trading platform offering secure access for your clients to trade / send orders through to the respective broker or send these orders directly into the market.

NetCIS, being part of the MCI trading solution suite, integrates with TradeCIS and PortCIS to offer up to date market information as well as personal portfolio valuations and performance calculations.

NetCIS is the perfect platform on which to build your business, consistently being able to adapt to changing business needs. It is built on IBM’s Lotus ® Domino ® platform which supports global business critical applications. Domino ® delivers highly reliable, scalable and security-rich applications at a low total cost of ownership, helping companies enhance the productivity of people, streamline business processes and improve overall business responsiveness.

An extensive administration module facilitates site management and DR, Content Management and workflow-driven task management.

Benefits of MCi NetCIS

  • Can be fully customised to meet your requirements
  • Web 2.0 style user interface for a rich user experience
  • Easy integration with 3rd party systems
  • Provides clients with live or delayed market data
  • Order entry with fully integrated risk management
  • Pre-calculated deal costs
  • Technical analysis and graphing
  • Publish News, Research and Recommendations
  • Various SMS alerts including portfolio valuations, share prices and exchange rates
  • Mobile support and applications
  • Local support

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