Microsoft Power BI Case Study:
MORE Family Collection

MORE Family Collection owns and manages a collection of luxury safari lodges and boutique hotels in some of Southern Africa’s most popular tourism destinations (including Sabi Sand Reserve, Kruger National Park, Marakele National Park, Cape Town and Victoria Falls).

Prior to the Covid pandemic, 95% of their revenue was generated from international guests. However, when the pandemic hit in 2020, MORE Family Collection was severely impacted by the lockdown and international travel restrictions, and unfortunately some of the lodges had to be temporarily closed.

At the time, MORE Family Collection struggled to measure the magnitude of revenue loss per property due to the large volume and frequency of changes made to reservations. They required a more transparent way to measure and diagnose the root cause of revenue loss. For example, they had numerous cancellations due travel restrictions in specific countries, which placed greater focus on the nationalities of their guests to better manage the country risk.

As a result, they realized that they required an automated reporting solution to deliver insights quickly and accurately to be able react quicker to market changes.

MCi recommended the implementation of Microsoft’s PowerBI, which is a powerful tool that allows the consolidation and mining of data from multiple sources to create interactive dashboards enabling the users to make sense of business data and investigate trends with just a few clicks in the familiar environment of Excel.

MCi built an integrated Revenue Management Model utilizing PowerBI for MORE Family Collection so that they can track market developments faster, monitor the impact of travel restrictions for both the domestic and international markets, and to track Covid-19 marketing campaigns and promotions that target the domestic market due to international travel restrictions.