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  • 13th Mar 2018 MCI and Objectway Announce Exclusive Collaboration Download


  • 31st Oct 2017 MCI Consultants Welcomes New Clients to it’s Direct Hire Base Download

  • 21st Sep 2017 MCI Consultants Releases 2017 Results of SA’s Biggest HR Survey Download

  • 11th Sep 2017 MCI Consultants conforms TradeCIS to A2X’s Trading Platform Download

  • 3rd May 2017 MCI Continues to Grow it’s Client Base Download

  • 16th Mar 2017 SA Companies Save Millions Using Direct Hire Recruitment Software Download


  • 28th Nov 2016 MCI Pledges 30 Boxes for The Santa Shoebox Project Download

  • 8th Nov 2016 MCI announces the launch of Direct Hire V2 Download

  • 8th Sep 2016 MCI Releases 2016 Results of SA’s Biggest HR Recruitment Trend Survey Download

  • 19th Jul 2016 MCI Donates 67 Blankets for Mandela Day Download

  • 24th May 2016 MCI launches its Remuneration Planner Download


  • 23rd Nov 2015 MCI Turns 20 Download

  • 22nd Sep 2015 MCI expands further into Africa Download

  • 31st Aug 2015 MCI releases the 2015 results of SA’s biggest HR Recruitment trend survey Download

  • 11th Jun 2015 MCi makes Inroads into the Central and South American markets Download

  • 21st May 2015 MCi continues to grow its Direct Hire base Download

  • 20th Apr 2015 MCi Makes Inroads into Saudi Market Download


  • 2nd Oct 2014 MCi’s Accpac Base Continues to Grow Download

  • 10th Sep 2014 MCI Releases it’s JSE Equity Market FIX Market Data Feed Download

  • 28th Jul 2014 MCi enters into agreement with Interactive Data Download

  • 15th Jul 2014 MCi Releases Results of it’s latest HR Recruitment Trend Survey Download

  • 3rd Mar 2014 Adapt v11 adoption gains momentum Download

  • 5th Feb 2014 MCi enhances its Stockbroker Solutions portfolio Download


  • 8th Oct 2013 MCI announces Bond Adapt Online Download

  • 25th Sep 2013 MCI announces a new Web version of TradeCIS Download

  • 9th Sep 2013 MCi expands BPM services into Africa, Middle East Download

  • 3rd Jul 2013 MCi appointed accredited reseller for IBM’s Sales Performance Management solution Download

  • 14th Jun 2013 MCi releases the results of its 2013 HR Recruitment Trend Survey Download

  • 7th Mar 2014 MCi continues to expand its managed services client base Download

  • 5th Mar 2013 Crime Forum adopts Cnectd Download

  • 27th Feb 2014 Automation is the ‘name of the game’ Download

  • 13th Feb 2013 MCi’s mobile applications development business blossoms Download

  • 11th Feb 2013 MCi celebrates 20 years of providing JSE-linked software for the stock broking community Download


  • 15th Nov 2012 MCi launches its Direct Recruiter Application Download

  • 20th Aug 2012 MCi introduces its Managed Services Download

  • 16th May 2012 MCi releases results of its HR Recruitment survey Download

  • 12th Apr 2012 New version of Cnectd released Download

  • 28th Mar 2012 BankAlytic gains market share Download

  • 14th Mar 2012 Direct Hire grows in recruitment market Download

  • 1st Feb 2012 MCI continues to expand its base of Cyberoam users Download


  • 14th Nov 2011 Thebe Stockbroking Partners with MCi Consultants Download

  • 12th Sep 2011 MCi Consultants Announces New ALSI Trading Front-End Download

  • 30th Jun 2011 MCI Upgrades its BDA to ACCPAC Interface in preparation for JSE’s Switch to its New MSS System... Download

  • 13th Jun 2011 MCi Introduces BankAlytic Download

  • 2nd Jun 2011 MCi Releases DirectHire Software Solution Download