The Covid pandemic has forced the world to rapidly adapt to increased digital initiatives, with organisations having to reimagine how they do business to ensure sustainability and success.

At MCI we have built up specialist expertise and skills to ensure we are able to provide digital transformation solutions across a wide range of industries. Our solutions include:

  • Cloud Hosting Services - With remote work having become the new norm for many organisations, MCI is able to provide secure Hosting Services to ensure an organisations’ employees are able to securely access necessary software applications while working from home; this coupled with a variety of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions;
  • Predictive Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions to better understand growth patterns and to predict future trends;
  • Digitisation of Business Processes including Workflows which can help streamline and automate repeatable business tasks, minimising room for errors and increasing overall efficiency;
  • Digitising how organisations engage with customers and enable personalized, omnichannel customer experiences for improved conversion rates and enhanced customer servicing;
  • Digitisation of marketing and sales activities utilising Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to equip sales and marketing teams with improved data insights and enhanced decision making.

MCI employs a variety of best-of-breed digital solutions, such as:

  • Sage 300 Workflows for digitising Business Processes;
  • Salesforce and Blueshift to drive transformation in Sales and Marketing Digitisation;
  • Power BI and IBM TM1, which are the Business Intelligence technologies MCI utilises to deliver data visualisation and data-driven intelligent dashboards for projects focussed on predictive analytics.

Talk to us today and discover how we can assist to digitally transform your business.