IBM Sales Performance Management

Incentive Compensation Management

MCI’s Sales Performance Management (SPM) solution delivers measurable improvements for an organisation’s finance, sales, human resources, and IT lines of business. SPM automates the process of calculating and reporting variable-based pay, providing more visibility and accountability into one of a company’s largest variable expenses.

With MCI’s SPM solution, new kinds of compensation plans can be enabled that drive desired sales behaviour, reduce commission cycle times, and eliminate errors in overpayments.

MCi’s Sales Performance Management solution based on IBM’s Cognos SPM software helps organisations:

  • Improve the sales team’s performance
  • Align sales behaviour with corporate goals
  • Streamline compensation processes
  • Reduce errors in over and under payments
  • Meet audibility and compliance requirements
  • View sales effectiveness reports and dashboards/KPIs
  • Track and monitor sales team and individual performance
  • Manage sales territory definitions, assignments and crediting rules
  • Plan, approve and distribute attainable sales quotas
  • Collaborate and communicate with the entire sales organisation and other lines of business

MCI’s Sales Performance Management (SPM) solution helps organisations optimise sales operations and increase visibility into sales team and individual sales representative performance. Sales executives and managers can constantly monitor how well their sales teams are performing; keeping a close eye on their top performers and being able to provide coaching to their bottom performers.

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