Implementation of Office 365

Efficiency is so important for businesses today. Being able to create, collaborate and communicate seamlessly makes any organisation more effective. Having access to productivity tools that enable people to do their jobs more easily – and from anywhere – makes organisations agile and lets them compete in their sector. 

Office 365 is Microsoft’s productivity suite which includes tools like Word, Exchange, Excel, SharePoint, Teams and more. Because Office 365 is cloud-based, the full-featured experience can be accessed from anywhere, on any device, as long as users are online. 

MCI can assist with the licensing and setup of your Office 365 to suit your company’s requirements. 


The benefits of implementing Office 365 are as follows: 

  • Access to files from anywhere: Office 365 allows companies to store all their files in the cloud. This means company files can be accessed on any device, from any location with an internet connection.  
  • Files are stored in the cloud and regularly backed up: Companies can continue to operate as normal in the case of a disaster at the office. Exchange also has recovery features which means individual emails or even entire inboxes can be restored if needed.  
  • Secure Cloud Storage: Office 365 is a totally secure environment with robust security measures in place, like two-factor authentication, which ensures unauthorised people can’t access your files if they happen to get on your device. 
  • Improved Communication: Office 365 gives users tools to keep communication centralised. Teams provides an instant messaging function and companies can also hold conference calls and meetings with staff and external agencies anywhere in the world. 
  • Predictable spend
  • Office 365 is paid for on a per user, per month basis, like a subscription.  
  • The cost of your licences depends on the level of functionality you choose for your business.  
  • Paying per user, per month gives you a predictable outgoing cost and helps you budget your IT spend for the year ahead. 
  • Upgrades are included in the cost of your licences, so there are no unexpected or additional costs.  
  • You can also change the number of licences you have at any time, if you hire or people leave, for example. That way, you are never over-licensed and there is no waste. 

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