UNIFY is MCi’s newest offering for the Wealth and Investment industry and is a portal that can connect everything across an organisation.

The UNIFY portal integrates and aggregates data from multiple sources and allows Wealth and Investment Managers to upgrade their existing systems to enhance their customer and advisor experiences, automate processes allowing companies to upscale their operations, and provide a consolidated 360-degree view of the client.

The UNIFY portal is customisable and can include various functions such as:

  • client onboarding
  • portfolio management
  • performance reporting
  • compliance workflows
  • self-help functions for managers and advisors
  • transactional capabilities including new investments, switches, and redemptions.


Standard functions include access and permission control, reporting, and activity logs.


Integration – Seamlessly integrates and aggregates data from multiple sources and posts verified data back to source systems.

Modular Framework –Allows companies to select only the functions required to upgrade their existing systems to meet business needs.

Automation – Digitises workflows and processes to increase efficiencies and upscale businesses.

Self-Service – Empowers customers and advisors to manage their accounts easily to improve satisfaction and reduce support overhead.


Business Benefits:

Omnichannel – UNIFY delivers a seamless and consistent customer experience across devices to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Digital Collaboration – Allows organisations to digitally interact with clients and present a collaborative platform upon which future growth is supported.

Bespoke Experiences – Provides a flexible foundation which can be tailored to existing processes and adapt to changing business needs.

Agility – Component-based portal that provides flexibility and agility to meet each organisations unique requirements.

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