Building a stronger employer brand with recruitment software

Rhett Davies, Business Partner of MCi Consultant’s Direct Hire e-recruitment software division.

Recruitment processes can make or break an employer’s brand – something many organisations overlook despite fierce competition for high-end skills.

This is according to Rhett Davies, Business Partner of MCi Consultant’s Direct Hire e-recruitment software division.

“There is a scarcity of specialist skills in multiple sectors, especially the tech sector, and securing the best talent can be challenging. When it comes to getting the cream of the crop, companies need to have a compelling message to market and ensure a streamlined and user-friendly application process,” says Davies.

“Although many organisations make the employer brand a marketing problem, it is equally an HR challenge,” he notes.

The right career portal with the right recruitment technology helps build the employer brand, helps support HR and can help grow the company’s specialist skills base, he says.

“Technology enables companies to walk the talk. Once a very clear employer brand message has been established, technology provides the tools to convey the employer branding and value proposition, and enables an effective and streamlined recruitment process.

“Recruitment solutions should be seen as mission-critical systems, because what is a business without its people?” says Davies.

Davies explains that in-demand candidates with specialised skills often cherry-pick companies they would like to work for, visiting their careers portal to assess the company’s value proposition, culture and environment. Making comprehensive information available enhances the employer brand and may encourage the candidates to apply. Staff testimonials are a big drawcard, while something as simple as an FAQ section around questions such as the hiring process, or whether an assessment or background check will be run, are also popular.


Talent-friendly career portals

Davies says: “First and foremost, organisations need a very accessible career portal linked to a system that enables candidates to apply quickly, giving HR all the required information.” With around 80% of applications now done using mobile devices, it is crucial that the portal is also mobile-friendly,” he adds.

Davies emphasises that the application process must be user-friendly and limit the number of hoops candidates must jump through. Nobody wants to rewrite their whole CV on a template – they must be able to upload it. Applicants shouldn’t have to go through a lengthy registration process either. There are several ways to secure the process, such as securing the platform interfaces with SSL encryption, so candidates are comfortable uploading their IDs and other personal information.

For POPIA compliance, consent terms should be highly visible, he notes. All possible questions should also be addressed in the FAQ section on the portal.

Davies says the candidate experience doesn’t end with the application: “You need to either accept them and take them through the onboarding process or reject them in writing. In this regard, constant communication with the candidate is crucial as this can also impact the employer brand.” Since unsuitable candidates could account for up to 70% of applications, it is important to build screening questions or algorithms into the application process that automatically eliminates them and notifies them at the same time, instead of keeping them waiting to hear whether their application has been successful or not.

“Recruitment systems, like our Direct Hire platform, allow organisations to streamline their recruitment process, providing constant feedback to the candidates ensuring they are kept in the loop at all stages of the process. This contributes to building a stronger brand.” Also, with the right recruitment solution in place, organisations see benefits almost immediately, he says. “Within six months to a year, we generally see a dramatic reduction in time to hire and a significant reduction in admin associated with hiring.”

MCi’s Direct Hire is a powerful and versatile web-based application specifically developed to automate the complete recruitment life cycle, improve efficiencies and reduce recruitment costs. It enables organisations to discover, evaluate and move candidates through the talent acquisition process, delivering a personal experience and feedback loops that enhance the employer brand.