MCi launches Direct Video, one-way direct interviewing software

Direct Hire Recruitment Software, a division of MCI announces the launch of its Direct Video Interviewing Software. The one-way video interviewing software has been developed as a standalone tool but can also be integrated into the existing Direct Hire platform.

“Hiring managers have a multitude of tasks, one of the most time consuming of these is candidate interviews. We wanted to empower recruiters with a tool that would make the candidate screening process more efficient. Candidates self-record video answers to interview questions in their own time, with recruiters being able to review, collaborate and review at their convenience and from any device” commented Rhett Davies, Partner at MCI.

To find out more about how Direct Video Interviewing Software works, you can watch a short video below or visit the website:

For further information or to book a demo, please contact Rhett Davies, MCI: tel 011 454-3420, e-mail