SA companies save millions using Direct Hire recruitment software

MCI Consultants, the leading developer of HR Recruitment software in Africa, today announced that recent client case studies have revealed substantial cost and time savings in HR departments that run Direct Hire recruitment software.

“We designed Direct Hire from the ground-up with the intention of making recruitment easier and more manageable for HR professionals whilst simultaneously offering companies tangible and positive impact.” commented Rhett Davies, Partner at MCI.

“We recently conducted a comprehensive study across some of our South African Direct Hire clients that have been utilising our software for numerous years and our findings were astounding, proving that the implementation of Direct Hire leads to significant cost savings and increased efficiencies!” .

Some of the key findings from the case studies were as follows:

• An average of R8 million in direct recruitment and advertising cost savings;
• Reduced time to hire on average from 120 to 40 days;
• 85% of hires sourced directly via Direct Hire powered careers page;
• 70% more scarce skill applications received via Direct Hire powered careers page;
• An average of 25 working days per annum in time savings due to reduced admin and automated candidate screening;
• Social media exposure increased on average by 85%.

An infographic summarising the case study is shown below and can be downloaded here.

MCI’s Direct Hire solution is a powerful, versatile and easy to use e-Recruitment solution for medium-sized and large organisations that has been specifically designed and developed by MCI Consultants to automate the requisition-to-hire process.

For further information, please contact Rhett Davies, MCI: tel 011 454-3420, fax 011 454-3417, e-mail