Speed up your Hiring Process with MCi’s Direct Video Software

Conducting face to face interviews can be time-consuming, impractical, and less than ideal in the new world of work. One-way video interviews are a convenient interview method that allow recruiters to gain valuable insight on candidates in a fraction of the time, compared to a traditional interview process.

Direct Video is a simple video interviewing tool that helps hiring managers screen candidates quickly, saving them valuable time and allowing them to focus on those individuals that are an ideal fit for their business.

Simply create a job, add interview questions, and instantly share a link with the candidates of your choice. The candidates will each receive a personalised email for an invitation to record their responses to your interview questions. Your hiring managers are notified when questions have been answered and will be able to review them in their own time using any device. Collaborate with your hiring team by sharing comments and rating each candidate, empowering you to make better hiring decisions in a fraction of the time.

MCi’s Direct Hire Recruitment Software, a division of MCi Consultants offers its Direct Video Interviewing Software both as a standalone tool or integrated into the Direct Hire recruitment management platform.

To find out more about how Direct Video can automate your candidate interviewing process, please contact Rhett Davies, MCi: tel 011 454-3420, e-mail r.davies@mci.co.za