MCI’s AI Solutions

Increase revenue and reduce costs

MCI’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a comprehensive solution that helps organisations increase their revenue and reduce their costs.

This is done by harnessing company data and using machine learning to unlock insights and predictions for differentiation and cost leadership.

We deliver AI solutions by:

  • Understanding your strategy and assisting to build your AI roadmap;

  • Implementing AI and machine learning models to provide predictions via dashboarding and reporting;

  • Translating results and providing actionable recommendations which are aligned with your strategy;

  • Ensuring ethics and governance throughout the process;

  • Providing ongoing services to ensure that insights and recommendations remain relevant over time.


Reduce costs through efficiencies, optimization and reduced risk.  This enables enhanced competition through lower pricing.

Increase revenue by strengthening the emotional attachment to your products and services through differentiation.  Differentiation addresses a wider scope of needs and purpose, commanding a higher price.

Examples of how we increase revenue

  • Predict buying behavior to correctly match the customer with the right value proposition

  • Use sophisticated behaviour & demand forecasts to enhance the value proposition

  • Identify profitable customer segments, using behavioural segmentation

  • Set price in line with spend propensity (using price elasticity per product)

Examples of how we reduce costs

  • Create accurate demand forecasts to optimise inventory mix, inventory levels and allocation

  • Prevent customer churn by predicting key customer behavioural patterns

Why partner with MCI?

  • We’re passionate about the transformational impact of AI on business problems and strategy;
  • We have extensive domain knowledge, driving high value use cases;
  • We understand the business context and key operational metrics;
  • We are the ideal bridge between AI, technical expertise and operational expertise (the translator);
  • We understand the complexity of operationalizing AI;
  • We provide leading AI project management and delivery.