Data Analytics

Utilising a combination of tools including Microsoft’s PowerBI and IBM’s Planning Analytics TM1 software MCi can interpret vast quantities of data from different sources in a clear and cohesive way using Business Intelligence to perform descriptive (what has happened over a period of time) and diagnostic analytics (why something happened) and Artificial Intelligence to perform diagnostic, predictive (what is likely to happen) and prescriptive (suggests a course of action) analytics.

Our Data Analytics solutions include:

Interactive Budgeting and Planning

MCi has extensive experience in building models on the IBM Planning Analytics TM1 platform and implementing best-practice collaborative planning solutions for businesses in various industries.

Financial Performance Management within the Banking Industry

With increasing competition in the marketplace, unpredictable market conditions, and the ever-accelerating pace of business, banks today need to be able to adapt and change course faster than ever before.

Remuneration Planning

MCi’s Remuneration Planner has been built on the IBM Planning Analytics TM1 platform and provides an alternative to having countless MS Excel spreadsheets being sent back and forth within an organisation.

Financial Performance Management within the Hotel and Motor Industries
Financial Reporting and Consolidations
Sales and Market Analysis
Project Cost Reporting
Financial Modelling
Corporate Performance Management
Financial Performance Management

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