Recruitment Solutions

MCi is at the forefront of e-recruitment and staffing solutions in South Africa

MCI assists medium-sized and large organisations move into the new age of technology by providing e-Recruitment solutions on a Software as a Service (“SAAS”) basis. Our specialties comprise system implementation and configuration in line with business needs; and integration to accounting, payroll and HR systems, as well as job boards.

Partner with MCI Consultants and expose your business to leading staffing and recruitment solutions.

Direct Hire is a powerful and versatile web-based application specifically designed by MCI to manage the complete recruitment lifecycle, improve efficiencies and reduce recruitment costs. It offers seamless online interfaces to deliver sophisticated workflow and accessibility for all stakeholders involved in the resourcing and HR processes.

Direct Hire recruitment software has been designed to complement rather than replace important HR processes. It reduces paperwork and improves efficiencies which frees up your staff to concentrate on strategic development rather than administrative tasks. Savings in time and improved productivity are balanced with the simplicity and user friendliness of Direct Hire.

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