Over the years MCi has built up specialist expertise and skills to assist companies with implementing world class software solutions to drive digital automation.

Our Solutions include:

Data Analytics and Data Visualisation Services

To enable companies to make better business decisions and predict future trends.

Digitisation of Business Processes

Which can help streamline and automate repeatable business tasks, minimising room for errors and increasing overall efficiency.

Software Development Services

Where no third-party software exists that meets a company’s requirements.

Cloud Hosting Services

To provide secure Hosting Services, ensuring an organisations’ employees are able to securely access necessary software applications while working from home.

Some of our Clients

Why MCI?

MCi has expert industry know-how and a proven track record of implementing solutions, long term relationships with clients, low staff turnover, highly skilled IT consultants.

MCi’s key differentiator is that we provide customized turnkey solutions to suit our clients’ changing requirements from product development right through to support services.

MCi’s superior performance and reputation is attributable to our passionate, dedicated team and our 26+ years experience.

MCi are trusted experts in offering system integration, localization and support with a proven track record working with Partners to deliver software solutions.

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