MCi continues its penetration up into Africa

MCI Consultants, the leading distributor for the IBM Cognos TM1 product in South Africa, today announced that Banco Commercial Angolano in Angola had embraced TM1 as its management reporting tool. Angola is the latest in a string of the other African Barclays operations that are using the TM1 tool.

“Once we have defined our specific requirements, the building of the business intelligence cubes that we need are created and fully validated in South Africa before being installed on our own systems,” commented Tony DE Gouveia of Banco Commercial Angolano. “This process is a more economic, efficient and effective way for us to generate the applications we require, as for instance, it prevents needless travelling between the two countries.”

“The bilingual capabilities of TM1 through the use of ‘aliases’ are an added bonus for us as they allow us to report in both English and Portuguese,” added De Gouveia. “In addition, not only does MCI have excellent TM1 skills but also a Portuguese speaking TM1 consultant as a member of their team. This helps to minimise any potential language misunderstandings that could arise.”

“We are delighted that TM1 has now been adopted by Banco Commercial Angolano in Angola as this further enhances our significant presence within the Barclays and Absa Group of companies on the African continent,” concluded Aliki Droussiotis, Director of MCI Consultants. “In addition, we have also recently implemented TM1 at the National Bank of Commerce in Tanzania.”