Response handling using AdaptRecruitment

MCI, the exclusive distributor for Bond International Software in South Africa and the largest distributor of staffing software in South Africa, today announced that the latter’s AdaptRecruitment System is one of the only solutions available to cope with the complexities and time constraints required by response handling, a phenomena that is regularly manifesting itself in the South African environment.

Typically organisations, such as government, will outsource their response handling functions when recruiting for a very large number of positions e.g. teachers and nurses, where maybe 1 500 vacancies need to be filled. The response handling process begins with the placement of an advertisement or series of advertisements carried, for instance, in national newspapers.

The responses, which may be submitted in various ways, need to be captured and stored and ‘screened’ at a high level so that short lists can be created; for instance, ten CVs per position. Information also needs to be gleaned for the statistics that need to be compiled and the various reports that are needed, based on the criteria set down by the client. Examples typically include the total number of applicants per position, the number of applicants that have applied more than once and an analysis by age group and gender. In addition all hard copies of CVs must be retained.

Response handling for job applications in South Africa requires a software capability that can handle the large volumes of responses timeously; has a powerful search facility; can be customised appropriately, particularly re the data application screens and the reports required by the client. AdaptRecruitment is able to handle the volumes involved; the customisation needed and easily incorporate the rules regarding selection. Thus, it is able to automate some of the selection criteria and the reporting that is required during the overall process.

“The above is a process where speed and ability to customise the software for each specific project are key to the success of any response activity,” added Aliki Droussiotis, director of MCI Consultants. “Not only does AdaptRecruitment ‘fit the bill’ extremely well but we also have a rental option available for the use of the software for those organisations that cannot justify purchasing the software on a permanent basis. The key is being able to deliver the solution very quickly.”