Momentum Securities Digitises their On-Boarding Process using MCi’s NetCIS Solution

MCi has recently implemented its customer engagement portal solution, NetCIS, for Momentum Securities. The portal delivers user journeys and automation tools specifically designed for the financial services market.

Momentum Securities were looking for a fit-for-purpose portal solution to drive their digital engagement strategy; one which was dynamic and allowed for fast prototyping of new features, whilst still maintaining a low total cost of ownership.

“The intention was for the solution to present exceptional user experiences by simplifying user journeys and meshing a multitude of both legacy and new systems behind the scenes, while remaining totally robust and secure, and adhering to the highest enterprise security and architectural standards”, commented Bradley James, Head of IT at Momentum Securities.  

Momentum Securities were able to leverage a library of pre-built apps within MCi’s NetCIS platform to facilitate functions such as real-time holdings and transactions (local and offshore), cash management, pre-order validation and order management, on-boarding, and access to statements to name but a few. Various additional self-service modules have been deployed to drive client engagement, all supported by an embedded Content Management (CMS) to enable agility within the business. MCI delivered NetCIS as a feature-rich, fully integrated Online Share Trading solution for Momentum Securities in a SaaS model.

“One of the key drivers for us was to digitise our on-boarding processes across our distribution channels. With MCi’s digital on-boarding solution, we have been able to streamline this process with straight-through-processing (STP) to enable us to more efficiently on-board customers across our channels at scale. This has resulted in superior client experiences and increased our new account funding ratio as this is usually the first and most crucial interaction a new client has with us” commented Barbara Botha, COO of Momentum Securities. “Another benefit of this initiative has been the freeing up of our middle-office resources to focus more on other client centric projects“ continued Barbara Botha.

“MCi’s NetCIS platform enables Momentum to digitally interact with their clients and presents a collaborative platform upon which future growth is supported. Driving improved client experiences whilst delivering greater levels of automation is a key business driver for Wealth Managers globally.” Commented Greg Bernard from MCi. “Experiences which reflect the brand and personality of your business is an essential component of any business. NetCIS provides total control over your vision for digital engagement.”

For further information, please contact Greg Bernard, MCi: tel 011 454-3420, e-mail